Mom’s week (due Tuesday, after the Easter break)

Last week was Dad’s week, so it’s only appropriate that we dedicate this week to doing something nice for your mother. With Mother’s day just around the corner it will give you all lots of time to think of some really great ideas that will help make your Mom’s day a  little extra special.  

If not your mother, you can help your grandmother, sister, or aunt.  

Keep Smiling 🙂

Mrs. Gairns




41 thoughts on “Mom’s week (due Tuesday, after the Easter break)

  1. for this act of kindness I am going to help my mom cook Easter dinner. I hope it will make her happy. I will help my mom cook something again

  2. For my act of kindness toward mothers I helped my mom load and unload the dishwasher, she was very happy afterwards and I think I may do it again some time!

  3. I helped my mom rearrange the furniture in the living room. She was very happy about it. I might do it again.

  4. For my random act of kindness, my cousins are coming to visit us. I helped my mom clean the house. She was so happy. I will do this again for my mommy. 🙂 ❤

  5. For his week block i help my mom clean up the house and make dinner. She kind of happy with me. I thing I will do that again sometime for her.

  6. For my Random Act of Kindness , On Saturday helped to my Mom clean my room and the house. She was happy . I will do it again .

  7. For my random act of kindness I help my mom to make food. She was happy that I help her to make food.I think I well do It again.

  8. For this wekks blog I helped my mom put towels in the washer.She wsa very happy that I helped her.Maybe someday I will do it again.

  9. For mothers week I when with mother to the hospital because she was sick. So I went with her.I was gald I went with her.

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