Dad’s week!

Do something extra special for your Dad this week.  If not your dad, your brother, grandfather or uncle. Be creative!


Have a good week making someone’s week a little extra special.


Keep Smiling:)

Mrs. Gairns


41 thoughts on “Dad’s week!

  1. I helped my Grandfather with his car yestarday. He was very happy about that. I might do it again sometime

  2. This week i helped my dad pick up my dogs poop. and when i was done i got my ipod and my laptop back. I was bad on the weekend and that’s why I lost my ipod and stuff.

  3. This week i he;p my dad clean up the car because it was a little bit dirty. After that my dad let me and my brother go to the movie theater. We all happy after that day.

  4. For this week’s blog I helped my Dad doing the laundry.He was so happy that I did that for him.I think I will help him again sometime.

  5. For my random act of kindness I played with my brother a game. He was happy because i don’t play that much with him.I was happy UI played with him. I should do that again.

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