Our class would not post on Friday, so you have an extension until Wednesday to complete your Act of Kindness.  


Keep Smiling 🙂

Mrs. Gairns


30 thoughts on “FREE

  1. Last week, i help my brother on his every week project. I not usually help him because i think he do it himself is the best opportunities for him to learn English. He kind of very happy after i help him to finish his project.

  2. For my random act of kindness I was nice for a day. i was happy that I was nice for a day. I should do it again some day.

    • That’s very nice of you Suado I bet she was so happy. Hey could you help me with my homework because i don’t like it. Any way you a nice friend suado.

  3. This weekend I help my dad shovel he said he was very happy with me. He said if you only get little its fine because that’s a little less for me. I was very happy at myself for helping too

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