Welcome back 7-2. I hope each one of you enjoyed the holidays!

Let’s start 2014 off right. You had a few months to warm up to our blog, so now with it being a new year I am holding you all at a new standard. 

You lose 5 marks each time you do not complete your blog.

You will lose marks if any of the requirements below are not completed.

  • Capital letters
  • Proper punctuation
  • Three complete sentences (explaining what you did, how the person reacted and how it made you feel/ if you would consider doing this Random act of kindness again)
  • A three sentence reply to another blogger
  • The blog is to be completed on time (MONDAY)




56 thoughts on “FREE!

  1. For my random act of kindness I help my brother to clean the car. He was very happy and he said thank you sister for helping me. I will do this for someone else.

  2. For my act of kindness I help my dad shovel the drive way. he was very happy and said thank you for helping him . I will help him again this winter .

  3. My random act of kindness was. Helping my little bather with his homework . He was happy at the end and he did say thank you.

  4. This week somebody on Instagram was sad and sick so I complimented there photography and said “I hope you feel better”, She said thanks and then a smiley face. I will do this again if somebody is feeling sad.

  5. For my random act of kindness. I helped my Grandmother with the clothes. She was so thankful for what i did for her. And that’s my random act of kindness for this week. 🙂

  6. I showed my brothers how to do something on their iPods. They were happy about it. I might do something like it again.

    • That was very nice of you to show your brother something in the ipod. I should do that sometime for my little brothers.It was a very nice thing to do for brother.

  7. This week my sister wanted me to read her a book. I really diffident want to but i did. So i did and she was so happy.

  8. For my random act of kindness, I help my brother do his extra homework from my dad. He said thanks a lot because it kind of very hard. My parent said when my brother finish that I should help him more .

    • That was really nice thing to do for your brother Anh.I bet he was really happy for you to help him. Maybe he will do it for you someday.

  9. For my random act of kindness I help my mother to pick a dress for a party. She was happy that I pick the dress for her. I think I will do it again.

  10. For this week’s blog I help my mom clean the house.She was so happy that I helped her.I will do it again some time to make her happy again.

    • that was very nice of you to help your mother clean the house. That is a very nice thing to do for your mother.I should do that sometime.

  11. For my random act of kindness I cleaned the fish tank/aquarium. I took them out + the water and wiped it down then I re filled it and put in their conditioners and put them back in. Aka: fish. The fish seemed pretty happy with their new home so did mom!!!

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