Pick one!

Your blog post for this week can be about one of the five acts of kindness you did this week. Remember your post must be three sentences long, with capital letters and proper punctuation. Have a great week!


Keep Smiling 🙂

Mrs. Gairns 


26 thoughts on “Pick one!

  1. For my random act of kindness I compliment to Mrs. Grain saying that she looks pretty in straight hair. She was so happy. I think I will do this again. 🙂 🙂 ❤

  2. For my random act of kindness I compliment to my friend that she was looking pretty. She was so happy. I thank i will do this again.

  3. For this week’s blog I am picking the one that we had to do a compliment. I told Vadim he was a good person and a awesome friend. He was so happy to hear that I think it made his day.

  4. This week, i was call to my friend because it was already six month that i not has a chance to talk to him. He seem like very happy when i talk to him.

  5. This week I called my Aunt Kathlene since I haven’t talked to her in a while. I think she was happy I called. I think I will call her again sometime.

  6. Not to long ago my cousins lizerd died. He called the vet and the vet said we can try to help him but it will be a lot of money. My cousin throuth the phone at the wall so I tryed to help and this fridey we are smashing the tank that the lizerd was in.

  7. I gave my grandmother a compliment saying she is a good cook. She was so happy for that. I might cook something with her.

  8. I called my grandmother jean and we planned a shopping trip on Saturday and I’m happy I did it I got the most gorgeous outfit 🙂

  9. For my act of kindness I called my old friend .He was very happy to talk to me I think he was happy to here from me it made me happy. I will do it again sometime .

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