Kindness to a stranger!

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”
― Plato


Your only direction for this week is to do a random act of kindness for someone you do not know; a stranger! Have a great weekend 7-2! Keep smiling 🙂


Mrs. Gairns


29 thoughts on “Kindness to a stranger!

  1. For this week I haled the door for someone at the supper marked. I think hem liked that because he said thank you that made me fell good. I would like to do it again some time you should try this.

  2. For my random act of kindness I help one old lady to cross the road. She was soo happy to seei it. I think I will do it again.

  3. For this random act kindness. I go with my sister to park and play with my sister and little boy with ball. He was very happy.

  4. yesterday I help one girl to find her mother when her get loss in the store. Her mother say thank you a lot. I feel great about that.

  5. I was home all weekend so I couldn’t do anything nice for a stranger. I am sorry about that. I will try to complete the next one.

  6. For my random act of kindness. I helped my E.A.L teacher to clean her stuff. She was really thankful for what I did for her.

  7. kindness to a stranger I play game with someone i did not know. the game was homemade. We had a lot of fun playing with her. She was very nice.

  8. i held the door open for someone who has lots of bags in her hands this morning and it was slippery so i just thought it would be a nice thing to do! 🙂

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