This week your act of kindness is completely RANDOM. There will not be any direction given by me! Please give some thought as to what you are going to do for someone this week! Enjoy making someone’s day a little better! Have a great weekend, and keep smiling everyone! 

Mrs. Gairns 🙂


39 thoughts on “FREE!

  1. For my random act of kindness I help my sister to clean her room. I clean another room for her. when she saw she was very happy. I will do that again.

    • That a great idea to help your sister. I did that too. I help my mom to cook and clean the house. I think I will do that again.

  2. For this week I went to the store for my mom. She was happy because she did not half to go she like that because she was cooking something . I will do that again for her a another time.

  3. For my random act of kindness I help my mother to cook the food and then I help my mother to clean her room.
    When she saw it she was very happy. I think I will do that again

  4. this week I help a hamster from a cat because the was going. Also the owner said thank you. He had the biggest smile on his face.

  5. his week for a free act of kindness i did 2 thing – frist i made a mess in the cofeeterya and cleaned up,
    second – a dog run up to me and it started to lack and then the owner came and got it and said thanks. he was very thankfull. ps dog was so cute!

  6. Over the week my sister was sick and she wanted to come in my room so I let her. I tried really hard to make her feel better. At the end of the day she was all better.

  7. This week for my blog I help my brother clean his room he was so happy for me to help him because he could not lift the heavy stuff by himself.

    • That is a nice thing to do for your mom and go to the store.I bet she was happy as can be for you to go to the store for him.I might do that for my mom for a thank you all she had done for me.

  8. For this week blog I helped my dad take out the garbage before i left for school. My dad was so happy to see that I took out the garbage for him.I think i will do it again next garbage day.

  9. This week i help my mom to clean the car after she go to the store. I just clean inside the car because my mom said i don’t have to clean outside. she seem to like that when i do it.

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