Random Act of Kindness (OPEN)

This week is a free week! You can do whatever you like for your random act of kindness!

PLEASE REMEMBER that all posts and comments should be THREE sentences long. Please use capital letters and proper punctuation. 


Keep Smiling!

Mrs. Gairns


43 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness (OPEN)

  1. Today Jessica dropped her binder and everything came out of it. I helped her pick everything up. Then Mr. Mackilliop gave me detention. Just for doing Mrs. Garins homework.

  2. For my random act of kindness I help one lady to pick chest nut. She was very happy. I think I will do this again. 🙂 🙂

  3. On Wednesday David dropped his pencil on the floor.I picked it up for him.David was very happy that I helped him.He said I was a very good friend !

    Last night when I came home from school I held the door open for my little brother. He thanked me from being so helpful!

  4. For my random act of kinds i helped my sister with her home work. We stayed up until 12,1 in the morning because she had a test. She was so happy that i could help her.

    • Estefaina good idea that probably made her home work go fast that is what a good sister should do.sometimes I help my sister with her home work and she likes it . I will do that when I get home maybe it could by my random act of kindness.

  5. for my random act of kindness I bought a chocolate milk for my friend she thanked me and even though it was two dollars it was still worth it.

  6. Today at church I have a after church thing I go to with other people. For the past 4 years we were in the same class but this year we had a new class. So when I seen everyone from my class looking for are class I got there attention and said this is are new room now.

  7. this week there was 3 guys cutting down trees and there was a tree on the road and pickedit up and they said thank you. i said your welcome. then i walked away.

  8. Whenever I was sick my mom asked me if I wanted to go to my nannies. I said no because I didn’t want to give her the cold. That was my random act of kindness.

  9. For my random act of kindness I watched my cousins so my grandma could rest. She was very happy. Maybe I will do it again next week.

    • That,s i really nice thing to do for your mom Prithi. I bet she was really happy to see you clean her room for her. for this week random act of kindness i think i am going to clean my mom room and she if she is as happy as your,s.

  10. This week I gave my friend money to buy a chocolate milk. He was very happy that I lent him money. I think I’ll do it again.

    • That,s a great thing to do for your friend Matthew I bet he thinks we are a good friend to him. I bet he was reallly happy that you did that for him.maybe this week i will by my friend something to show how much of a good friend i am.

  11. This week in science my friend drop her books. All of her papers that she had in her binder fell out. When they did fall out I gave her a hand to help pick up the papers.

  12. This week I helped a kid pick up his books after he dropped them . I think he liked that we helped him pick up his books . He said thank you.

  13. This week I helped a hamster get down from a tree. Also, the owner said thank you. I was very happy that I could help. It felt nice to do something good.

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