A Letter to Someone Special

“All a good letter has to do is make you feel special.” TI


This week your act of kindness is to write a letter to someone who has made a difference in your life.  This person could have taught you a valuable lesson in life, or simply makes you want to be a better person. Whoever this person is, I want you to write a letter explaining how they have made a difference in your life. Use the mock letter below as an example of how your letter should look. Pass in your rough copy to me before next Tuesday’s class! In your blog post, be sure to include who you wrote the letter to, and why! Have a great week, and keep smiling!

Mrs. Gairns

                                                       EXAMPLE LETTER

Dear Mom,

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve always shown unconditional love towards me even when I don’t want it, or don’t deserve it. Having you as a mother is the greatest gift and biggest advantage anyone could have given me. You’ve sacrificed lots of things for me, and I’m writing this letter to show you how truly grateful I am. You taught me right from wrong, good from bad, and decent from indecent. It’s because of the values and confidence that you’ve instilled in me that makes me who I am today. Thank you for shaping me into a person I’m proud to be and letting me believe that I can be whoever I want to be. I’ve learned how to be a responsible, productive person from you, and I thank you with all of my heart.

One of the best things about you is how you make me do things I don’t usually want to do. You make me do my homework and do chores, and even though I don’t show it very often, I’m truly grateful. You pressure me by saying, “Do your homework, or no Xbox this weekend.”, or “Eat your food, or you can sit there all night.” At the time I didn’t like it, but as I reflect back on it now, I realize that it was all for my own good. You have high expectations of me, and now I have high expectations of myself. Sometimes high school can be overwhelming with all of the tests and homework, but you always try to lighten the load. I think it’s great how you pressure me to do good in school, but you’re always so nice about it.

Another great attribute about you is how you’re such a good listener. You always (most of the time) listen to my ideas completely without interrupting. You don’t scoff at my ideas, but try to add to them nicely. When I graduate high school I want to go to a great engineering school. You don’t tell me that I’m not smart enough, or that we don’t have enough money. You tell me to get good grades and scholarships. I can’t even express how thankful I am for that.

Thank you for everything, for all of the big and small things. They all have made a difference in my life, no matter how small. Thanks for being so understanding, so strict and for listening to all of my ideas, no matter how stupid. If there is an award for the best mother in the world, you would have earned it.


Your son Danny


29 thoughts on “A Letter to Someone Special

  1. Dear Jaimie,
    I want to tell you how much I really love you. You are very kind to me. You always make me feel special. You give me hugs , cook for me get me a drink , read me a bed time story, and kiss me good night.
    I am very thank ful that you are my big sister. You are the best!! I learned many good manners from you. I am very proud to have you in my family. You are awesome. I love you!!

    your brother


  2. This week I made a letter for my Mom and Dad. I chose my Mom and Dad because they always help me. I think they will be happy to get this letter.

  3. For my random act of kindness I made a letter for my Mom. I will give the letter to my Mom next week. I think she will be very happy. 🙂

  4. This weekend I made a letter for my mom and dad. I chose my mom and dad because they always help me to do every thinks and I love my mom and dad and others too. I think they will be happy to get a letter from me. Your daughter Prithi ❤ 🙂

  5. This weekend I will write about my mother that how much I love her and what she do for me to make me be better. That is my idea for the letter for my mom.

  6. I wrote a letter to my mom. When i gave it to her she smiled as she read it. I think I’m might write her a letter some other time. Probably not.

  7. I wrote a letter to my cousin Brandon. He is the best cousin ever because he is so fun and funny. Also he help me through hard times that’s why hes the best.

  8. I wrote a letter to my mom. I didn’t give it to her yet because I need to show the teacher my rough copy first. I hope she will like it

  9. For my random act of kindness I made a letter for my Mom. I gave letter to my mom. She was so happy and she say thank you.<3 🙂

  10. For my random of kindness I wrote a letter to one of my favorite singers,her name is Avril.I also wrote her a poem. I told her what I liked about her.she is awesome.

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