Make A Senior’s Day!

This week, your random act of kindness won’t be so random. Using inspiration from what a couple of students have already done, and the wonderful suggestion that was given to us last week; this week your ACT of kindness is to create a card/letter for a senior. Senior citizens are undoubtedly very special to someone and their family, but they may live far away from their loved ones and when there comes a time to support with an encouraging message or inspirational quote, you can turn to your creative mind or the internet to find just the right kind of quotes or words to say to really bring a smile to their faces or a little warmth to their hearts. Inspirational words for senior citizens are an important way of encouraging those who came before us.

You must include the following in your letter/card: 1. Name 2. Grade 3. School 4. Favorite subject 5. At least two sentences about yourself 6. Two questions to ask them 7. An inspirational quote or word of advice

Example: Hi! My name is Sally Wakefield. I am in grade 7 at Birchwood Intermediate. My favorite subject is language arts because I love to read and write. When I am not in school I enjoy hanging out with my friends or going to the movies. I have three older brothers who love to play hockey. This past summer my parents celebrated their twentififth wedding anniversary. We had a big party for them, it was so much fun! Do you have any brothers or sisters? How old are you? I hope you are having a wonderful day. Someone told me before that if you keep a smile on your face even when you don’t feel like smiling, you will live a long happy life! I hope to hear from you! Keep smiling!

Sally Wakefield


21 thoughts on “Make A Senior’s Day!

  1. my act of kindness was i made a card for a elderly but that was what everyone had to do soo. yah my card include my name and other things. soo well that was my act of kindness gooodbyeee

  2. For this weeks act of kindness we had to write a letter to an elderly person so I did exactly that. I wrote it on my computer and made the letters bold so it was easier to read. For the quote I used my mom’s main quote that she uses for her business.

  3. For my random act of kindness i worte a letter to an elderly person.I wrote a little bet about my self . I also ask her /him about their self.

  4. in my card i put what school i went to my name my age what my favorite color was and here aresome of the questions i asked whats your name ? where are you from? and whats your fav color! i told her have nice day and to write back to me! i also did a activitiey sheet for him/her!

  5. In my card I wrote about myself and what I like. I also wrote about were I am from, when I was born, how long I have been on PEI. I also wrote about my favorite subjects.

  6. My card i write about myself . What i usually do at home . I also write when do i get here and were am i come from . At last i write about my school and my friend.

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