Respect For Your Elders

This week your random act of kindness will be aimed towards your elders (anyone over the age of 60). These elders could be your grandparents, people within the community or your neighbors. When planning your random act of kindness, consider things that will assist in making their day a little easier. Have a great week making someone’s day extra special.

Keep Smiling πŸ™‚
Mrs. Gairns


35 thoughts on “Respect For Your Elders

  1. For my ramdom act of kindness i wrote a letter to an elderly and i also draw her a picture of a flovwer. i hope she/he likes it. I also asked a little bit about her/him i hope she/him reats back.

    • that’s so nice I wrote a letter too with pictures and such who did you give it too? like what elderly??? and how did you send it to them and where did you send it too????????

  2. I help my anti with food and she was so happy about it and i was happy to:). i love to help other too make food ,pizza,chicken, and all of those .<3

  3. I haven’t seen my grand parents or awile they live in nova scotia so I made them a card that sais I miss them and love them they always love getting stuff from me so when I see them again I hope I get a thank you or at least a smile!!!

  4. when i was out i saw that a old woman drop her cap of her pop i pick it up for her and she was so happy and tankful that i did
    that for her i think it made her day i think that i will do that again next weeknd see if this senior next week will be as happpy and thankful as she was and see if a can my another that per happy and makethere day

  5. My random act of kindness was when I was leaving the mall I held the door open for a women.She seem pleased and very happy.So I told my self I am so doing that agin

  6. This week I wrote my Grandpa Dan a letter. He lives in Ontario so I don’t get to see him a lot. I hope he likes it he didn’t get it yet.

  7. I paid for the thing at the 70 mile yard sale for my grandpa. It did cost me a bit of money. But at least I did the random act of kindness.

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