Random Act of Kindness (School Employee)

This week, I gave you a little direction for your random act of kindness. This week you are to do a random act of kindness for someone who works at this school. It can be a teacher, principal, secretary, custodian, bus driver or a cafeteria worker. Leave your comments and tell me how you made this person’s day a litte extra special. Don’t forget to leave a reply to two different comments. Have a great week, don’t forget to smile!



41 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness (School Employee)

  1. My random act of kindness was when i was on break i went to my home room and pick up a bottle and put in the trash so mr.james wouldn,t have to

  2. This week i picked up a tray for the lunch lady. She was happy because she didn’t have to do it. I might do it again some time.

  3. My random act of kindness. is that i picked up change for the lunch lady. she was very thankful i might do it again sometime

  4. i help Mr. James to carry clipboard to class room and he was so happy and I might do it again and its fun to carry clipboard. 🙂

  5. i picked up a plate for the lunch teacher and she was surprise that i picked it up. I might do it next time if there is a plate on the ground. It felt nice to pick it up.

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