Pay It Forward Project!

Your weekly task this year is to find something you can do for someone else to pass on a little kindness. The first school day of every week you will be starting the class by posting your random act of kindness.

Since this is our first week, I am not putting any parameters on what you can or can’t do, except that you cannot do something that benefits yourself, like clean your room. I mean come on, some of your mom’s would probably faint if you cleaned your room, but it’s your room; that doesn’t count. So pay it forward for a friend, a family member, a teacher, etc. Write an encouraging note, make cookies for a neighbor, do something nice you don’t normally do. Have fun!!

Comments: Write a comment that includes what you did, who you did it for, and what that person’s reaction was. Write at least three sentences and use correct spelling (no text  talk).

Reply: Reply to two other people. Read their comments and make a reply that gives them feedback. You can ask them a question, you can tell them how much you liked their idea, but you must write at least THREE sentences and you must use correct spelling (again no text talk.)

You are in grade 7 now,  so I expect nothing less than your best effort put forward for this project. This will show your true character. Take pride of who you are and do something nice for someone else.

This blog project will be worth marks. There will be an end of term writing assignment in accordance with our Pay It Forward blog.

Have fun making someone else’s day a little extra special!

Mrs. Gairns


50 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Project!

  1. I was clean the house for my mother a few week ago . She was so happy about that . I thing I’ll do it again in this weekend.

  2. good idea! I did something for my mom to, I made her a friendship bracelet with pink, purple, yellow and green! I think she likes it! I am going to make more for people!

  3. My Grandma’s dog was going to have surgery on her teeth. I baught my Grandma’s dog a bone at the pet store to help her teeth.My Grandma told me that her dog does not need surgery anymore because the bone cleaned her teeth.

  4. The other day I gave the dogs a bath. One of them liked it and one of them hated it. It was a different experience that I might do again.

  5. when me and my friends were done hanging out and we had to go home so i walk my two friends that are girls and walk them home before i want home

  6. i helped my dad wash his SVT Cobra.The sad part is the he sold it :(. but he got a catalc i dont know how to spell it but oh well.

    • I gave Mason money today. He was thankful to have it. I think I’ll help him again. I would Help him again because i felt good helping somebody.

  7. I watched my little brother and I mowed the lawn for my Dad. My Dad was so pleased he gave me a treat. He gave me fries and a hamburger.

  8. On Sunday i helped my mom friend by becoming a tarnslater my mom friends speaks English and she is also christian and she wanted to invite some new Mexicans to church;they didn’t speak any English so mom’s friend was very happy she could talk to them,she was very thankful.

  9. For the weekend I helped take care of my neighbors dog. i took care of Roofie for the whole weekend. she thanked me and offered a reward but i said no!

    • Good job Suado. I would have loved to be able to take care of someone elses dog. It would so cool if my dog could meet another dog because my neighbors down the road moved and took their dog with them.

  10. This week we had to do something for a teacher. So I did the classic thing and gave him a apple. He seamed happy about so I if hes happy i am happy

  11. I didn’t get around to doing something nice for a teacher. But the bad thing is that I ran out of apples to give to the teacher. My mom took all of the apples we had to her friends house.

  12. I was help the P.E teacher by take some chair to the gym class before they start the game in the sport day. He was thank you me and I was so happy about that.

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