Our final blog post!

Your final R.A.O.F is to write a note of thanks to some of the important people that take care of our school every day.  These people are very important to our school and rarely get recognized for all they do.


 I would like you to take five minutes with a couple of classmates and write a really nice note of thanks and appreciation to our custodial staff, cafeteria employees and the secretaries in the office!

The following group of students will work on the particular notes!

The custodial staff- Mason, Jordan, Dahlia and Sophie(This note can be taped onto the Custodial staff door).

The Cafeteria Staff- Vadim, Quinton, Estefania and Gita, Laxmi and Prithi, Colby

The Secretaries- Nathan, Anh, Suado, Matthew, Cameron, Cameron W


I would like your post to be about which group you wrote the note for, and why it is so important that these people get recognized for all they do.  


Enjoy making someone’s day extra special!


Mrs. Gairns



Your Favorite Act of Kindness.

This is our SECOND LAST blog post.  For this week, I would like everyone to choose their favorite act of kindness that they performed throughout the year, then repeat that act of kindness for someone different.  


Have a great week making someone’s day a little extra special!

Keep Smiling 🙂

Mrs. Gairns



Note of Kindness For A Stranger

This week, your Random Act of Kindness is to leave a little note of kindness for a stranger.

Here are some examples:

You have a nice smile.

You seem really fun.

You have pretty hair.

You are a great soccer player.

Have a great week making someone’s day a little extra special.

Keep Smiling 🙂

Mrs. Gairns

Mom’s week (due Tuesday, after the Easter break)

Last week was Dad’s week, so it’s only appropriate that we dedicate this week to doing something nice for your mother. With Mother’s day just around the corner it will give you all lots of time to think of some really great ideas that will help make your Mom’s day a  little extra special.  

If not your mother, you can help your grandmother, sister, or aunt.  

Keep Smiling 🙂

Mrs. Gairns